Xbox Game Pass reveals the addition of the mass release of 2022 on the first day

Xbox Game Pass has revealed that you will add another massive video game from 2022 on the first day of its launch. This is something that Microsoft has been doing much more with Game Pass during last year and has brought titles as back 4 blood, ecoltas, Oce minutes, and many others to the platform immediately. Fortunately, this is a trend that will now continue throughout 2022, as seen in the next incorporation of an important spring launch.

Microsoft confirmed this week that mlb the show 22, which is the last installment of the long baseball simulation series, will reach Xbox Game Pass on the first day of its launch. This means that both those at Xbox One and Xbox Series X can download the game immediately if they are subscribed to Game Pass when the title is launched on April 5. The Sony San Diego developer, which is a study owned by PlayStation, formally revealed mlb the show 22 this week along with its cover athlete Shohei Ohtani.

In general, it is not so stuncheon to see mlb the show 22 come to Xbox Game Pass in the launch because, well, Microsoft did the same last year with mlb the show 21. In the first year of availability of the franchise on the Xbox platforms, Microsoft made the title one to which those in Game Pass could easily access. The result of this movement led to mlb the 21 show being one of the most popular games in the service for quite some time, which means that the show 22_ should also be a great success.

What perhaps is more interesting from this movement is that it seems that the MLB series The Show as a whole could lead Xbox Game Pass perpetually. This means that becoming a subscriber of Game Pass could be the most accessible way to play this series year after year. And considering that most sports games do not have drastic jumps from one entrance to another, you probably save some money by not having to buy a new delivery every season.

How do you feel when you see mlb the 32 Show confirmed to launch Xbox Game Pass this year? Let me know your reaction to this news in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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