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Côté game

Artistically The Longst Road on Earth immediately imposes a particular graphic paw: graphics in Pixel Art, only in shades of gray and anthropomorphic characters.

The art pixel is of quality even if sometimes rather rude to the point of not making too much on a big screen.
The animation is it very flat and minimalist with our characters who move slowly from right to left, but it is not a problem of ability on the part of the developers, because from time to time an effect surprises us via its quality and If we appreciate it may be because it’s rare.

We check at the detour of four chapters with indistinct contours various characters to the human bodies and animal heads by making them live their little life: lift of the bed, look tired in the mirror, breakfast, etc.
The left stick allows you to go right and left while all buttons have the same feature to respond to a click request.
No real freedom of movement is possible, if we start from the wrong side one is quickly blocked.

The sound effects are when they almost non-existent, because the beautiful part is made to an original band composed of 24 songs sung by Beicoli and composed with the teams of the game for the game. Attention, you have to appreciate the sirulay walks otherwise it risks Quickly tire.

Side emotions

The Longest Road on Earth Review - PC/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS Gameplay

Each song is dedicated to a scenteret and lasts about the time needed to perform the actions that the game is waiting for us. If we drag, the song ends and gives way to an instrumental version that keeps the atmosphere.

And the atmosphere is the subject of The Longest Road on Earth.
The description of the game tells us: “_jouz in music four small stories with mechanics of great simplicity and without the slightest word. All are prone to interpretation. What a story will invent for each character and the world around it ? _ “.

And indeed, nothing is really imposed on the imaginary. We accompany characters who live their lives and according to our own moral state, some scenes in different ways can be interpreted. In truth, there is a simulator side of boring life before a last chapter brighter, but also potentially more depressing on the passing time.

Balance sheet side

Even though I appreciated The Longst Road on Earth, difficult to recommend it as it is clevy on its principle.
It is almost not a game, it is an artistic experience of 2-3 hours that plays on the emotional.
And we can quite have a different opinion on the moment of our own life we ​​play.

_Testé by armagnis on Switch with a version provided by the publisher.

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