So you can get three months from PS plus at half price

While we wait for Sony to officially confirm your new service that “will compete you xbox game pass “, surely you do not want to stay without a subscription to playstation plus. There is currently a very good offer that allows you to get you Three months of subscription half price, and here we tell you how to make it valid.

This promotion is exclusively found in the PlayStation Store, and offers you three months of plus with a 50% reduction. Normally you would have to pay $ 16.99 , but with the promotion stays at $ 8.49. That yes, there are a couple of points that you should consider in case you are interested in the offer.

To begin with, this promotion can only be done valid if you have never subscribed to the service or if you already have an active subscription. That is, it is fully designed for new users who are just going to subscribe to the service so forget about wanting to accumulate months. You will have until the February 13 to take advantage of it, so do not think too much.

How To Always Get PS Plus Subscription On Discount (OVER 50% OFF!!!)

Editor’s note: I think the Game Pass from PlayStation will end up being something very different from what many of us have in mind. Sony does not have the resources to compete directly to Xbox, in addition to Jim Ryan himself said that this subscription model was “unsustainable”. Although the retraction with PS3, PS2 and PS1 games certainly sounds like something attractive.

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