“Pokemon Legends Alceus” British Packet version is selling from “Pokemon” Dipalime Mike. Sales are reported

Sales of “Pokémon Legends Alceus (Pokemon Legends Alceus)” seem to be strong. According to the January 29’s British game package chart by GFK, “Pokemon Legends Alceus” said the top.

According to the chart, “Pokemon Legends Alceus” is that it occupies almost half of the sales of the British game package version last week. As a “Pokemon” series, the UK package version is the fourth place in succession. And its first week sales seems to be above the numbers of “Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl” released last year.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” is a complete new production of “Pokemon” series developed as an action RPG. Aim for the first Pokemon picture book, called a Jissi region, a Jizui region, a former era. The system has changed from the traditional “Pokemon” series, for example, Pokemon of the field can be captured as it is monster balls. You can get Pokemon without going to the battle. There are also systems that Pokemon attack players, and sometimes stealth elements that hide their body from Pokemon also exist. It is a pretty challenging work, such as making a monster ball using the material collected in the field.

Media evaluation is also over, and the metasticor in the review integrated site Metacritic is 85. We have acquired an assessment that exceeds “Pocket Monster Sword Shield” and “Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl”. By the way, as sales, “Pocket Monster Sword Shield” and “Pocket Monster Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl” also sold 6 million items for the first time. This time GFK announced is a package chart in Britain, but Sales of Pokemon Legends Alceus seems to be above two works. It is a work that has been changed to a large route from the conventional work, but it seems that it is acceptable as a market.

In the GFK British Package version chart, “Anchated’s Treasure Hunter Collection” was ranked 5th, and “Zelda Legend Breath of Wild”, which was the 9th place last week, “Zelda’s Legend Breath of Wild” has appeared in sixth place. Is reported.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

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