Corona 19 An Effect of Delta Bias and Effect on Omiton Variation

The results of the study show that the antiviral agent used in Corona Virus 19 treatment is equivalent to delta variations in the Omiton mutation.

As a result of experimenting with the effects of the Cure Cytes, the researchers, including the professor of treatment, including culture cells, including culture cells, including culture cells, and the current use of Culture Cells, including culture cells, are experimented with the effects of antiviral agents that are currently used and equivalent to the effect on delta variation. NHK reported that it has announced the results of this study.

The researchers are infected with cells that cultivated the recruitive virus and investigate the reaction of various therapeutic agents, and the result of the reconciliation of the REMDEX VIR and MOUN PILUS, As shown in the same level.

Omicron symptoms

In addition, the antibody therapeutic agent sotobabab is lower than that of the existing virus, but the reaction was lowered to 1, but the necessary effect was maintained, and the antibody cocktail therapy, which is not recommended to be used in the Omiton Variation, The media was not said.

This study was announced in Medical Magazine New England Journal of Medi (NEJM).

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