Xbox Game Pass: a no to the subscription

The former Xbox veteran Richard Irving has expressed about how Phil Spencer and his team presented the Xbox Game Pass ABO service. With his colleagues, Phil Spencer had to fight against internal doubts and the initial disinterest of the publishers on the Xbox Game Pass.

According to Irving, Spencers team no “no” accepted as an answer and remained stubborn, though not many publishers were on board in the initial phase and even there were some counter-arguments of doubters on the table.

“In meetings, the employees of Mr. Spencer arguments presented why Game Pass would not work – the publishers would not participate, or the profits would be twisting,” Irving said.

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“[Phil Spencer] would not accept a no answer,” he continued. “He always tried to find a way for it to work.”

How successfully the Xbox Game Pass is meanwhile, each player should have noticed on this planet. According to last reports, more than 25 million gamers have subscribed to the service around the world.

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