Wingman Project Review – High Flight Kickstarter

Projet Wingman is a passionate project of a team of three people supported by the dedicated combat ace fanbase to create the hunter with high action reaction of their dreams, and I am happy to announce that they have delivered brilliantly. This game has everything for reaction hunter enthusiasts, breathtaking graphics, tight controls and deep customization. Put this solid gameplay with a brilliant soundtrack and an infinitely replaceable Roguelike mode, Projet Wingman really shames with other unwanted promises funded by the crowd.

I will start with the only big criticism for Projet Wingman because I think it’s important to emphasize that the game has not been developed with novice players in the genre in mind. So, if you plan to wet your feet in reaction hunter action games, it may not be the best choice.

I do not mean that this game is a line of direct flight simulation complexity, but there are many buttons and maneuvers to keep in mind, just drive your plane. This is certainly not a type of arcade game.

To aggravate things, the game does not offer any tutorials of any kind. And I do not exaggerate when I say that, there is no step to teach you orders. You must go to the options menu and memorize your commands before entering the game. Honestly, I’m not sure of having seen a game with so little accessibility for new players.

It’s a shame, because I do not think the game is really so difficult once you get used to the orders, and I think Projet Wingman could lose many new potential players by not even creating a simple tutorial for the game.

Fighter Pilot REACTS to PROJECT WINGMAN Mission 1
At the history level, Projet Wingman takes place on a land of alternative history where a world war has been unleashed. You play as a chef of a mercenary squad and there has never been a better time to be a death squadron for rent while you take a job after the other.

Honestly, there is not much to say about the story of this game. These are quite superficial things and as the game is so focused on the creation of the gameplay, there are no real cinematics cleanly speak. Dubbing is good, but dialogue is only military briefing and chatting without true character. I guess there is realism and I can imagine that some military simulation lovers would like this type of narration.

The best thing about history is the scenarios that the game takes you. The increasingly difficult objectives have kept me engaged and the different places – the islands to the weaving between the skyscrapers – have shown the great artistic style of the game in a constantly refreshing way.

In my opinion, apart from the gameplay, the best part of Projet Wingman is the conquest mode. In this Rogue-Like mode, you can start over with yourself by performing various missions for rewards such as new aircraft, weapons and teammates. This mode becomes intense enough as the difficulty increases with the minutes of play, encouraging you to play aggressively rather than safe to keep a step ahead in the difficulty power curve. It’s a simple but brilliant design that even makes the first engaging steps, while in other Roguelikes, the beginning can be a little a chore once you played it several times.

With a variety of missions to choose each step and in-depth customization options, Project Wingman also tests the player’s intelligence to create synergistic constructions and risk-reward evaluations. Aside from a multiplayer mode, which unfortunately is missing at this game, it is one of the best modes of game of infinite reaction hunters that I have ever seen.


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