Wordle can now be played at Game Boy and Analogue Pocket

During the last month, Palabra has seized the world, allowing players to stretch their creative muscles on PCs and mobile devices. After buying the game by The New York Times, it seems unlikely that an official version of palabra can be played on any other device, but a “clone” of the game is now available at Game Boy and Analogue Pocket! This version of palabra was created by YouTuber StacksMashing, and the ROM is available free of charge at Github. The game has the same basic premise as the mobile version, but players can play an unlimited number of words per day.

StacksMashing tweets about the Game Boy version can be found embedded below.

In a follow-up Tweet, StacksMashing revealed that the ROM for this palabra clone is very small, which prevented him from putting in a lot of words. Instead, he used a flowering filter, which verifies “if an entered word is one of the 8,000 most common words in English.” StacksMashing says that Bloom Filter has “currently a very high error rate”, which implies that it could receive some updates in the future. Anyway, this is a really great idea, and it could be a fun distraction for those interested in downloading it for your portable election device.

Game Boy Wordle Is Here! + Analogue Pocket Too! Let's Try It Out!

For those who are not familiar with palabra, the game was released at the end of last year by the creator Josh Wardle. Every day, Palabra is updated with a new word of five letters and users have six opportunities to guess it. After each conjecture, palabra reveals if the letter is in the word and if the letter was guessed in the right place. Palabra Users can also share their results on social networks, adding a fun competitive aspect to the game. The popularity of palabra has inspired countless clones payments on iOS and Android devices, and those who use the Palabra The name has been eliminated. However, since the StacksMashing clone is available free of charge, it is likely that it does not run the same luck!

Do you plan to download this? Palabra Clon? What do you think of this version created for the original Game Boy? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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