NHN, the game division, which is 17%,

NHN announced annual earnings in 2021. The total sales and operating profit growing largely, while the game division has been reduced to improve last year. Only the game division will decline for four consecutive years since 2017.

In 2021, annual sales increased by 17% QoQ to W1.9trn. Operating profit increased by 66.1% YoY to W25.2bn. Recording a large duty of 20.4% of sales standards in payment & advertising rules that account for the largest proportion is affecting the entire growth.

In 2021, sales of the game division decreased by 2.9% from W397bn to the last year. In 2021, the proportion of the game sector in total sales is 20.7%. However, in the last year, we declared the improvement of the game division, By division, PC Online (web board, etc.) accounted for 41.6% of the game and recorded W165.3bn, and Mobile was W231.6bn, which accounted for 58.4%.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, the game sector was both in Mobile and PC Online, and sales of sales were 4.6% YoY, and 7.8% YoY, and 7.8% YoY. Especially, in the mobile division, the new drama ‘Dragon Quest Kashkushi’ released in December was reflected, and the 5th anniversary of the 5th anniversary, and the “Compus”, which has won Sword Arts Online and Collaboration,.

The Division Full Gameplay Walkthrough - No Commentary (#TheDivision Full Game) 2016

NHN has declared the game business in 2022, and the game division has been reorganized to integrate the game division. This year, NHN is a plan to grow as a global P2E production specialist, while informing the domestic web board game market leader, centered on NHN Big Totes integrated in the NHN Big.

“NHN An Indochemical CFO said,” NHN has decided to announce and implement a more concrete shareholder reduction policy in 2022. “

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