Marugaming, Balo Lot Challenger Korea Final

Gaming floor is said that success in the last two to participate in the Challenger‘s roranteu Korea conducted during the preliminary round 04 days from 6th to challengers roranteu’s finals. Gaming floor has been operating the foot roranteu and Battle Ground teams with professional geimdan founded 2021 years.

To roranteu Challenger seuneun the competition for roranteu to cover the top gwontim in each region. Tournament top teams are given the advanced Masters qualifications are competing for the Champions dojeongwon. To roranteu Challenger’s Korea shall Selection of Masters finalists on two occasions from February to March / May and June, each tournament is 8 teams starting in the qualifying round after the finals in Pool League the way double-elimination All Star will have the final decision in the tournament. Gaming floor was the successful participation in the finals three days without a major crisis in advanced qualification game, the main road that goes from him a single round pulley 23.

Gangplank TOP vs Quinn [ OTP ] Lol Korea Challenger Patch 11.24 ✅
Content reader stakeholders Entertainment Co., nine (the CL teams) that “while signing professional players expected given (Anaks) players in the history of activities in the entire SKT1 coach thinks obvious results posted by dragging the team power,” he said. Expected standard (Anaks) coach “crisis eopeotjiman focuses on analyzing the reinforcing and defending the strategies exposed to qualifying the unfortunate part was eopjin. Against more powerful teams in the finals and showed a better performance to the fans Masters I will try to advance, “said a comment.

Gaming floor side is composed of gimsanghyeop (Nakji), also determined (GwangUh), Im Hyuk (GeaBokchi), gimyounghyeon (Chibab), gimduheon (WIX) player. Current training camp players are being “Ask a lot of interest and support for the future, as well as domestic competition balhimyeo ambition that aims to future world champions gaming floor to roranteu team,” said the finals comment.

Choeji For nine weeks said, “a new pro team, but I saw the potential in this qualifying round, it will prove sexually through Challenger’s Cup. In addition, you grow to roranteu team draw a stroke of Korea FPS series with Battle Ground,” ” changes brought a lot of expectation and attention to the pace of the gaming floor and the CL teams, “he said.

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