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This guide will teach you most of what you need to know about the spirit class in Lost Ark, starting with an overall overview of its strengths and weaknesses, skills but also our recommended builds suggestions for Leveling, PVE Solo and in groups, or PVP.

Presentation of spirituality

_The spirit alternates between body with body and distance attacks, two techniques that it can associate to create powerful and explosive combos. It channels a special energy called intransigence, which it can integrate into its capacities or use to ensure its survival in the fighting.

Role of Spiritite

In Lost Ark, spiritualist is an archetype of the martialist class.

It is a class DPS of melee inflicting very heavy damage, especially with its “planetary annihilation” awakening skill. It is a rather simple class to play, but very dependent on his awakening skill. If you do not touch your skill, you will lose a huge part of your damage.

If you like Dragon Ball, spiritual spirit is for you. With short and medium-range attacks, spirits picks out its inspiration in the eponymous series with attacks very much resembling Kamehameha and other Genkidama. You also have three ~~ Super Saiyan ~~ forms for your identity competence.

Spiritite Identity Skill

Its identity competence (its main liability in a few kinds) is an already complete chi gauge that can go up to three levels of increase. Each bearing greatly improves your statistics but lasts less and less long.

You can activate your Identity Proficiency at any time and bearing up when you want. Be careful however, the more landing you are, the more high charging time you will have.

Forces and weaknesses of spirituality

Strengths :
– Largest bust of the game
– Good mobility
– Buff for the group
– Very fan service dragon ball

– Mixed damage outside the burst
– long awakening capacity to launch and difficult to touch
– dependent on his buffs
– Little resistant
– Juggling between 3 “shapes” can be confusing


Awakening skills of spirituality

Our Recommended Builds on Lost Ark

In Lost Ark you can save up to three talent trees. You can change Build for free at any time in the game (out of combat and when your skills are not in CD). In the lines that will follow we will talk about “Tripod”. If you do not know what it is, do not hesitate to read our guide on the Tripod system of Lost Ark.

Remember that there is no optimal build. We recommend some builds that we believe are efficient, but above all, we advise you to find your own build that will be the most fun for you.

Leveling Build of Spiritite

As for many classes, privilege travel tripods to speed up your level. Also abuse zone capabilities to bring together your enemies more quickly.

“Moving Zip” is your main source of displacement once at Level 20. Exclude the skill as soon as you unlock it.
Climb your zone damage skills to quickly destroy monster groups with “magnetic palm”, “deadly finger” and “celestial crushing”. Once level 32 you will unlock “paralyzing barrier” which is a very good forth aoe.

Build PVE of spiritual in dungeons and raid

Spiritite has the advantage of applying some improvements to its group. Start by applying them to you and your group then inflict your damage.

– Liberation of energy: Group buff and staff
– Destructive palm: Personal buff
– Moving zipper: Personal buff
– Radiable blow: Gros damage
– Celestial cripping: Damage
– Force orb: Damage
– Destroyer of the shadow: Damage
– Tempetuous explosion: Gros damage

Build PVP of spirituality

In PVP, with the spiritite your role will be to be a semi support to help your allies in front line with a big burst of damage. Do not try to hire, it’s not your role. Try to support your team and annihilate an isolated enemy with your burst. If you touch your “Planetary Annihilation” awakening skill, you will make a carnage in the opposing ranks. But you have to get to touch.

– Liberation of energy: Group Buff
– Magnetic palm: Control / super armor
– Force Orb: Damage / Control
– Mortal finger: Damage
– Celestial crushing: Damage
– Energy explosion: Super armor
– Tempetuous explosion: Remote control

We hope this guide can help you in your first steps in Lost Ark. Remember that these are just suggestions based on our preferences. You are free to modify at your leisure depending on the build that you will find more fun to play. If you still hesitate on which class play in Lost Ark, do not hesitate to consult our guides on each of the classes available at the exit of the game in France or our guide on the most sought after classes. So much for our spiritual guide in Lost Ark. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on skill.

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