Nezza Thirts Through the NFT game and the new work,

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Nezusam 10 years old is scheduled to show a total of eight games on a global market including two orthodox NFT games this year and a new mobile / PC game.

The first tooth-centralized NFT (analogue) game, which is the first degradation (NFT) game, which is the first degradation (NFT) game, which is a block chain, is a block chain based on a block chain, and RPG implemented as a block chain It will be developed as.

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In particular, the direction of the game core content is updated through the opinions and voting of the community user, and will be manufactured in a desperate-centralized way to participate and evolve directly.

(tentation) is a block-based sports NFT game. We are developing as a comprehensive sports game that enjoys competition between users through various sports games such as land and coordination.

The “Rumble Racing Star”, aimed at launching mobile platforms in the second quarter, is a real-time casual racing game using a lawnmower racing concept in the United States, Australia and England. You can enjoy racing using various track items and driving skills, and you can use over 30 driver characters, carts, and individual decorating items.

(Boxing Star: Match 3) is a real-time PVP puzzle game that utilizes 45 million ness trails from 45 million ness trees. Boxing star unique hitting and real-time user confrontation (PVP) puzzle matching can be experienced. It also introduces a new match puzzle experience with a variety of game modes, real-time massive tournaments and glove skills.

The adventure story that leaves the train (Erocia) is also aiming for the global launch of global launches in the first half. is developed in the 20-year RPG developer in the 20-year RPG developer in the , and , and is the main character of the fantasy world, which is the main character of the fantasy world, It contains.

A combination of about 30 heroes and behavioral patterns provides adventure content to solve puzzles, and Japan’s famous illustrator rack (Lack), which is known as , is participated as a main artist.

Royal Chroso is taking advantage of the recruitment of the recent global beta test participants, and it is being used to prepare for the launch of the PC FPS game . (Crowz) is a PC open-world shooting game prepared by Bae Seung-hoon, who developed the rapidness, with the newly discovered resource material ‘Q-ON’ and the forces to adapt to the unknown amalite drop. Fencing is a mission performance game.

In addition, after the launch of Google, the Mobile Games of the subsidiary Sum Age, who have achieved the top and 9th place in April last year since its launch,

In addition, in Latta Status, PC FPS new is aimed at launching a newly launched company. is a PC platform-based shooting game that has been a motif of North American famous city.

A strategic game that emphasizes a wide building, which means a high building, which means a high building, which is a “Skyscraper”, Play is characterized by play.

Nezisami Through the Thirty-Soo Seongjin CEO “presents a variety of genres, including authentic NFT games and casual and RPG games that apply this year-centralized method, and will continue to expand P2E games using famous IP,” Mobile and PC The platform, such as the console, will be achieved as a significant game chain in the global market, “he said.

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