Ranking of the best video game stories of 2020

We are always looking for the perfect story to immerse ourselves in the game. We want a story that makes us feel something, because there is really nothing better than getting lost in a story so good that the forget the time or to go to the bathroom an hour or two. That it affects us directly, or we talked about our non-playing friends, it is the titles that can have the most sustainable impact on how we will discuss our game in the future. Of course, this is also why we are ready to wait for years for a suite.

Play a good story is for players what to get lost in a new book is for a library rat. It’s really a dream come true. And although there were many games that told beautiful stories in 2020, only a handful included everything we were looking for in a spectacular narrative. So, what games, voted by the staff here in Cog connected, were the best stories of 2020? Let’s find out.

10 Best Video Game Stories Ever
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