[Todays steam] Discounts, etc.

The healing game ‘unpacking’ that can be locked in a memorable mask and locked in the memories is the best sales product ranking 5th.

Unpacking is a game that summarizes the motion, take out the burden in the box, the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, and clean the goods, and make a new house. Depending on the flow of time, you can go around 8 locations, and you can find out the past and find the past with a memory of memories with a variety of people in the process. At the time of release, it is possible to focus on the game atmosphere and story without time limit or score. Unpacking can be purchased by 20% discount to 27 days and can be purchased at 16,400 won.

In addition to this, Dating Lite 2 Stay Human pushed the freshly fed and the highest sales volume. It seems to be more interested in the game while the release date is near February 5th. On the other hand, even in the master’s commission, Ready Opera was a 7th place on the new work and discount sales offensive.


The top simultaneous users of the steam work, Top 20, is maintaining Thee King Master Dual River. As the weekend, the number of concurrent users has been reduced from 260,000 people, but in ranking, he pushed the Apex Legend and ranked fourth in the ranking. In addition, Arc: Survival Evolved has a seat on Team Fortress 2 and fell 14th.

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