Security vulnerability discovery, Dark Soul Series Online Server Disruption

Dark Soul Series online play was stopped for a while. This is because PVP servers have found security vulnerabilities.

The promotional software said on the 23rd Dark Soul Official Homepage to stop the Dark Soul Series PVP server operation for a while. The reason is to investigate the security vulnerabilities that occur within the game. The target title is the Dark Soul Remaster, Dark Soul 2, Dark Soul 3 PC version, and the schedule of the server operation is in a certain.

The promotional software for security vulnerabilities is not officially announced. However, there was a deadly security issue that remotely controlled the Dark Soul Server between the users and remotely controlled the PC from another user, which remained over the waters of the Twitch Personal Broadcasting Agency last weekend. Dark Soul 3 among online plays, the appearance of the voice conversion program is remotely executed by others to infiltrate the PC. The promotion of the promotion of the promotion of the promotion and appears on the survey.

Meanwhile, promise software will launch its latest Elder Ring on February 25th.

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