“ONE PIECE” Contest result announcement for new game development. Rogue Light Rhythm RPG “Kunfujugong Unison Grand March” is a large prize

Squash Game Creators CAMP announced the results of the contest serialized 1000 episodes linked project ONE PIECE GAME Award on January 25th. Kunfujugong Unison Grand Marsh applied by Fan Works has won a large award. In addition to the second 20 million yen for the prize of 2 million yen, development costs are accounted for up to 20 million yen, and development will be developed as a casual game for smartphones.

Squash Game Creators Camp is an excavation and support project of creators, operated by Minister Squash, a domestic publisher. Serialized 1000 Interchange Planning One Piece Game Award is a game contest held in Squash Game Creators Camp, commemorating the series of Manga One Piece in Weekly Shōnen Jump. The recruitment period is from April 20, 202 to July 31, 2021. Recruitment was conducted for mobile casual games for mobile casual games with ONE PIECE.

In this announcement, the result of the contest was announced. The Grand Prize Winning Kunfujugong Unison Large March is the Rogue Work-Vertical Scroll Rhythm RPG, planned by the fan Works. Maine Character Run Hanson inhabits AltaVista and has a fighter animal with a habit of having a disciple to the opponent who lost. He was a character who once made a straw-straw-old captain Luffy and was a disciple.

Run Hugging in this work moves the stage to be randomly generated in line with the rhythm of Kung Fu’s type practice. Items and enemies are placed on the stage, and a battle occurs when contact with the enemy. In the battle, you can choose a randomized action from the item you got and fight, fighting around so that the strength does not reach 0. In addition, this work has adopted a hand-made graphic. Adorable Run Hugging’s friends are likely to increase more and more according to the progress of the stage. The fan works planning this work is a team with three creators. It seems that Mr. Nagasaki who has produced the board game Ran Gate and the original ONION GAMES and Mr. Ouzo Trauma currently belonging to Must α and Tom IKEA Tom.

An excellent award was announced as award-winning work. It is said that 100,000 yen will be presented to four works such as Battle of rubber battles and hitting a rope battle with a rope jumping battle and a battle royal.

Details of each award, etc. are published on the official site of Squash Game Creators Camp.

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