Tinykin: the indeed Pikmin presents his mini

Let’s be honest, we mainly committed an abuse of language by presenting Tiny kin as an indeed pinyin, but as much to ensure that the most popular world remembers the future SlashGear project, inspired partly from the Nintendo game. After slasher, greeted here in these columns, the French studio launches into the real-time microscale strategy with this future project, planned in the summer current on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox Consoles.

Co-directors of the game, Marie Marque and Romain Claude suits us for a video presentation of the many rooms and Milo and his little Tiny kin will have to invest and explore. Each of them hosts his own civilizations, and by ricochet his own crops, with so many problems to solve to get by and join la Casey.


Naturally, your little companions will have separate capabilities to make it a scale of fortune or explosives able to smash obstacles. Milo is not left out, since he is able to cross large spaces using his board, or surf a fortune soap. What to fill the many missions that moths and other weird insects will be inclined to entrust you.


Tiny kin – Presentation of the world and history

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