The cooperation game “Operation Tango” played with PS4 was good. 30 days spent in “Needy Girl Overdose”. Enjoy “Flying Power Disk 2”. Gaming this week

Now Gaming Every Sunday, a game for which each writer has to play in the week, is the corner that scatter writes loosely. 321 this. Days of freezing.

in the character selection round Then hidden character appearance

This week finally delivered a flying power disk 2. It is the official sequel of the competition sports games Flying power disc. Visual is renewed in a contemporary, also add new characters and stages. A new element is also present in the game system, especially the power gauge is interesting. When you activate this reservoir, or forced to toss the disk fell to the opponent’s shots and the ground, can or hit a powerful shot, use far from is very important. There is also possible to meet the own head and does not take into account the accumulation condition of the other gauge, it feels as given rise to new tactics.

Online play, which has been noted that reasonable comfort. Is provided to the Xbox Game Pass, or also there that correspond to the cross-play with the Steam version, Xbox One version is how especially large population. I think it also depends on the time zone, but the different digits are one and the Nintendo Switch version. We hope that the cross-play is expanded in the future.
By. Tier Yamagata

Love is heavy

This week, I was playing a woman distributor training ADV, such as the Nikolai of the Internet NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE. This work face is nice, but personality is Genera a bad geek girl, game to spend a candy properly for 30 days. The player, as her producer and her his pin, tells her actions. Since roughly mental state is also doing worse, or diverge the accumulated stress in the anti-comments in your medicine, such as or solved by etch the lowered favorability let me flatter to geek, sometimes racy action in resolution. While managing the mental, we will continue to work with the aim of distributor’s soon good.

This work, but have been cute graphics and BGM of a little retro atmosphere is ready, the contents is the Internet itself. In addition to being available from conspiracy theory to ASMR as a story of the delivery, frequent until Kusoripu the SNS. Of the distributor’s point of view, compressed hell are drawn for the game. The raincoat itself is also attractive. Raincoat, but is personality is poor troublesome woman, and she has spent together every day, she has to seem more and more cute figure who according to obediently her instructions. How can feel her own also not coupled with something bad scene to look into the thought that he was, after all it is my imagination. She Does not get straight to the bad in favorability. Got on the resource management of the royal road, high-resolution Internet and Genera depiction was a fascinating work.
By. Each Yokohama

Let’s play at work for a change of work

This weekend, was playing in a couple of the VR game Job Simulator. While keeping himself in this work is common workplace, your job experience simulation features to enjoy the comical experience. The author was especially impressed, a large amount of props and small net studded stage. Is full of really Surya and jokes, even in your bad manners act a little, you will want to try with various.

For example, when the is our performance was reduced from the boss received a rebuked and in the office, if you pass the article boss to tamper with the sales in the PC data, Taxi me to praise. Data also at the time of the convenience store business, because the audience is shouting paper has expired while using the toilet, if you give pass a fire extinguisher in place of the paper It is not this a problem, such as the appreciation such as walks away leaving a word, I reaction is humorous. Toilet of the matter was the balloon Omowazu aligned couple. In addition, spouse appearance also somewhere humorous you are playing, play landscape even funny point, I felt it’s certain party game.
By. You Wagner


During play was bought at year-end and New Year Sale Operation Tango. This is, is made well. Operation Tango is co-dedicated game. And a remote hacker, divided into scene investigators, to carry out the mission. Beside the field of players to work or search, hacker players while watching the play with surveillance cameras, as soon as such or to provide information or to release the security.

The image, in terms of the different activities, respectively, design similar to the cooperation game Tic TAC. Each of which is considered very good idea, wonderful balance of difficulty. It is possible to restart immediately be mistakes, may be too difficult to become a Semi while high difficulty. ‘S a short as a game of volume, but by alternating the role of the hacker side or the investigator side, you can enjoy variety.

Speaking of the recent popular cooperative game is the It Takes Two, there is also a great game, a rather feature. Operation Tango is a level on a par to the quality of the work. But it is short to enjoy dense experience kana. PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | in the S / PC sale to (Steam · Epic Games store) for, possible cross play. If you buy one and friends via the friendly path you can play two people.
By. AUO Keybase

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