Gamebook-style RPG “Take the life of life” STeam to start early access delivery in spring 2022. Cursed rabbit travel where ending changes by selection

Our Active Gaming Media Game Publishing Brand PLAY ISM announced on January 23, early access delivery of Life’s Osaka to spring 2022. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). A trial version of the English version has also been released according to the announcement. This information has been announced in the information program PLAY ISM GAME SHOW 2022.

The line of life is a gamebook-style multi-ending RPG that changes with the player’s selection. The main character of this work is the son of the chief of the family. One day, Bosch joined his father’s trace and became a new head. However, a huge dragon appears in the village. Suddenly, the village of the bowl will be wrapped in flames. While he heard his hobo’s scream, Gosh also had a death of death, but he fell his soul to revenge. Gosh who was caught in the past beforehand, and aims to escape with Misha, which was in the same prison. The life of the main character who has made power by the curse is drawn. In addition, since the emotion of the main character changes by the option, the above story is an example.

Gorges and Misha advance the search for surroundings to escape from the panty Alito. In this work, a search point is provided on the map, and when the place is checked, an event occurs. Within the event, options according to the situation have appeared, such as by the enemy, or hidden or spending it. Subsequent deployment changes due to the selected behavior. The search surface is a system of game books and TPRG winds, including judgment of success or failure by 100-side dice.

In the battle of this work, attacks can be avoided depending on the player’s technology. At the time of enemy attack, the gauge and direction are displayed on the head of Gosh. When you enter a button well, it succeeds in avoiding. Enemy behavior is consumed without damaging. On the other hand, if the input fails, it will have large damage. The avoidance direction can predict the TEC dependent on the status. A guard that stably reduces damage is also provided regardless of the direction of attack. In addition, in this work, the skills for 3 actions are selected at the start of the turn, and the Gosh and enemies act three times per turn.

Simply heard, but in the skill, there is a large variant. By exposing the gap, the defense is reduced and avoidance becomes difficult. Immediately after the enemy’s large skill, the behavior in the turn changes finely depending on the action during the turn, such as attacking. A sense of tension of the avoidance action and a battle with a bargain will be one of the features of this work. As an element, a growth system that extends arbitrary status and a system for growing classes are also introduced. Three stages of difficulty levels are also provided.


It is a personal developer who is developing this work. In the Steam store page of this work is also, had long publishers become in recruiting, PLAY ISM with this announcement (China version he MedusasGame) so that the is responsible for publishing.

Using the life is, early access delivery scheduled to start in 2022 spring by Steam. According to past tweets, has been with the release will also be available on the Nintendo Switch for. The trial version, it is in the public in the Steam and Despite.

※ The English Version of this Article is Available Here

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