Xbox Game Pass has just added one of the best games of 2021

Xbox Game Pass has just added one of the best games launched in 2021 to his library in constant expansion. This week has already been a quite important week for Xbox Game Pass in several ways. The service not only obtained the new release Trilogy of Vicarious and Extraction of Rainbow Six, but also saw the addition of the popular multiplayer independent game windjammers 2. And just when you thought that the service could not improve, Xbox also added the delivery service. Plectra of death to the platform

Death of death launched in mid-summer past and, according to all reports, was one of the most acclaimed games for the criticism that fell throughout 2021. At this time, it has a total score of 87/100 in Methacritical, converting it In one of the best revised titles of last year. Even when looking at the scores granted by users, the Indie Favorite also has an impressive rating of 8.2. As for us here at, we also loved Puerto of death when it was launched last year and gave it a score of 4.5 / 5 in our review. No matter how you cut it, death of death is a game that has been praised universally, which makes your arrival at Xbox Game Pass is a big problem.

Perhaps the best of death, come to Game Pass is that it is also available for all service iterations. Whether you access Xbox Game Pass through your console, PC or even the cloud, death of death you can play on all avenues. So, if you are looking for a new fantastic title to play, and it is subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, death of death is definitely worth trying.

If you are interested in learning more about death, you can consult an official game description as follows:

Harvest the souls of the dead and mark a watch can become monotonous, but it is an honest job for a raven. The work becomes encouraged when they steal the assigned soul, and you must trace a desperate thief to a kingdom that has not been touched by death, where creatures grow a lot. Beyond his expiration and overflow of greed and power.

Completed claw combat:

It uses melee weapons, arrows and magic to overcome a incredible variety of beasts and demigods. Errors are punished and victory is rewarded. Get an advantage by customizing your character’s statistics and dominating the skills and improvements you get.

A wonderfully somber world:

Venerate beyond the doors and explore a land full of twisted and innumerable secrets, providing hope to the strangers and wonderful characters that you will find on the road.

A dark mystery for unraveling:


Locate and defeat colossal tyrants with own stories and motivations. Experience a somber but obscure story, which discovers the truths behind the flow of souls, the role of the crows and the origin of the doors.

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