The graphic adventure SYBERIA: The World Before announces new date of launch on PC

Within the genre of graphic adventures, the saga of Syberia has become a reference. The imagination of Benoit Sokal has given a story that will come to his fourth episode with Syberia: The World Before, who has already shown some trailer that reflects the path that he intends to take delivery. Now, Microids prepares for the launch of this title by setting your date for PC.

The adventure of Kate Walker will continue from March 18 through Steam, Epic Games and GOG . After announcing a delay that pushed the launch to 2022, the developer team ensures to be taking advantage of the additional time: We wanted to offer the best possible experience and give a massive tribute to the epic adventure of Kate Walker imagined by Benoit Sokal. These Extra weeks have allowed the Koalabs study and our team to have security in the launch of the game you deserve.

As you will imagine the fans of the franchise, Syberia: The World Before will take us through a few defeats in which you will not miss Puzzles , Scenarios to explore and characters with which to relate. After all, it is one of the sagas that represent the essence of graphic adventure, so the fourth installment would not change these aspects essential in gender.

Of course, graphic adventures not only have really complicated puzzles, but also provide a story in which to submerge for hours. This is the case of Syberia, which will take advantage of Kate Walker’s wanderings so that we relax with dialogues, searches and, as not, the resolution of enigmas.

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