Why suddenly every Wordle plays

Who likes Scrabble, Wordly can at least not really find bad. Although this online mini-quiz is not about making a word from eight random letters. Rather, a five-book rifle word wants to be found. And you have only six attempts.

In the beginning you have to advise in the blue: one word with five letters on the virtual keyboard typing — and click on Enter. But then that starts combining. The quiz gives exclusion aids.


  • Wordly: Now inform with chip and start the online game

A real letter in the right place, gets green in the boxes where you enter the assumed words, a real letter on the wrong place yellow. And a gray background received letters that do not occur in the word sought. According to the same pattern, all letters that you already used in words are also marked on the virtual keyboard.

Overall, the chances are quite good that one finds the wanted word in six rounds — which of course significantly increases the long-term motivation. And apparently, John Warble, the artist and developer who invented the quiz and leaned Wordly with all right to his last name, met a nerve: the game has become a racer.

By the way: because German players stayed outside without knowledge of English vocabulary at the beginning, the developer Philipp Huber has set a German version of Wordly to the web within a very short time. Try it is worth it!

  • Wordly: Now inform with chip and start the online game

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