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During the last year, Xbox Game Pass has become a great attraction for the Microsoft platform. Naturally, the success of the subscription service has generated rumors that PlayStation could create a competitor for Game Pass (apparently with the name in Spartacus code), and some reports even point to a launch window in the spring. Speaking to Ignore asked the chief of Xbox, Phil Spencer, about these rumors and how he feels about the possibility of PlayStation to offer a similar service. Spencer said that a Game Pass competitor was always inevitable and sees it as a stimulus for Xbox to continue looking for new ways to compete.

«I really do not see it as a validation. In fact, when I talk to our teams, I talk about it as something inevitable. Then, for us, we must continue innovating, continue competing, because the things we are doing can be advantages that we have in the market today, but they only be based on what we are coming first, not that we have created something that nobody else can create Spencer told Ryan McCartney of IGN. I like it because it feeds our energy about what are the next things in which we should be working as we continue to build the things we have done in the past. Because I think the correct answer is to throw big games, send them on PC, send them in console, send them in the cloud, make them available on day 1 on the subscription. And I hope that is what our competitor will do ».


Spencer’s opinion is refreshing in his positivity! The Xbox business model of this generation has been very different from the PlayStation approach. While PlayStation has just begun to adopt PC releases and (potentially) a subscription service inspired by Game Pass, these are concepts that Xbox has promoted in an important way. For the video game industry to continue prospering, companies such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo will have to continue looking for new ways to innovate. Game Pass could be the great complaint of Xbox’s fame at this time, but it remains to see what the future will bring!

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