Power demonstration! Bills disassemble the patriots according to all the rules of art

The 2021 College Football Playoff Championship Game was a university football dish game played to figure out a national champ in the National Collegiate Athletic Organization’s Division I Football Bowl Neighborhood (FBS) for the 2020 season. It was played at Hard Rock Arena in Miami Gardens, Florida, on January 11, 2022, with kickoff at 8:15 p.m. EST and also TV protection by ESPN. In addition to the all-star video games scheduled to follow, it was the culminating game of the 2020– 21 dish season.
The championship featured the top-seeded Alabama Crimson Trend from the Southeastern Conference conveniently defeating the third-seed Ohio State Buckeyes from the Large 10 Meeting, 52– 24. The win provided Alabama head coach Nick Satan his seventh nationwide champion, breaking the record for the most by a Department I college football train. The document was previously held by Bear Bryant, that won 6 titles while at Alabama from 1958 to 1982.

The Buffalo Bills have put more than just a real statement victory in the first playoff round: the bills dismantled the New England Patriots in the wildcard duel with a perfect open-off appearance and can dream of very much litter. The Patriots meanwhile received their limits on both sides of the ball.

At temperatures of -14 degrees and felt -21 degrees in Buffalo The Kickoff was a question from Bill’s point of view, whether Buffalo could move the ball on the ground, it should be on it. The first drive bot promptly a taste test: The two explosive plays of the drives came through runs of Josh Allen (21/25, 308 yes, 5 TD; 6 ATT, 66 yes), ​​a scramble against Man Coverage and a designed run a little later.

The cherry on the pie was then a spectacular touchdown pass very late in the Down, and Buffalo started like the fire department. Mac Jones (24/38, 232 yes, 2 TD, 2 int) Although the ball moved well despite a bitter pickup of Golden, but with a shot towards the end zone Safety Micah Hyde made an outstanding play and started the pass in the direction of Nelson Color.

In return, the Bill’s machine rolled again, and a further question was answered at the second drive — namely, that would work whether Buffalo’s passport will work under these conditions. The answer was a clear yes, all fired several balls deeply and hit with a laser over the middle Knox to the second touchdown of the game.

New England was so fast in a 0: 14 hole, and it did not help that Belching chose the Punt at fourth and one in one’s own half — because in turn Buffalo a few plays later in the Red Zone, again With a big play through the air, but also with a costly face-mask punishment against the PATS.

Singleton increased shortly before the Goal Line to 20: 0 and at the last drive before the half-time break, there were two big plays through the air and two runs for touchdown number 4. The ridge victory was officially within range.

Bills: Impressive power demonstration against the PATS

It was a power demonstration of the bills before the half-time break — and it went on. New England opened the second half with the ball and the chance to come again. But Jones’ pass to a too tight window was folded and landed at the bills.

Buffalo could continue to create some explosive plays for short passports and runs — and the laser show was not finished yet: Another deep shot from all to Sanders from 34 yards continued to expand the bill leadership. This remained the topic of this game, even after the patriots could answer.

The bills put on the seventh (!) Touchdown in the Seventh Drive, a playoff record. The quarterback discrepancy between the two teams was not to be denied by hand, but the central story was the defense of the patriots that did not have the touch of an answer to Buffalo’s open.

This became all the more clear because the Bills never took the foot of the accelerator pedal and spent the proverbial biceps each time the own offense was on the field. And New England found defensively on nothing an answer, so even with a better appearance of the own openness for the patriots no way back to this game was seen somewhere on the horizon.

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots

Result: 47:17 (14: 0, 13: 3, 6: 7, 14: 7) Box score

Bills vs. Patriots — the most important statistics

  • The four drives of the first half a clear picture: Buffalo had touchdown-drives over 70, 80, 81 and 89 yards — the patriots an interception, two punts and the Field Goal at the end. Buffalo could work offensively almost at will and work while the Pats had struggled with penalties and their individual limits.
  • For the patriots it was the first fourth time in 22 years under Belching, that one was behind halftime at least 20 points. It was also the third time in New England’s playoff history, that one was already behind the first quarter with 14 points behind. 1963 in the AFL Championship Game against the Chargers (Full Score: 10:51) and 2009 in the wildcard game against Baltimore (14:33) that the Pat had also happened.
  • Another superlative then: The 3:33 middle of the third quarter marked the highest playoff residue in the Belching era. Buffalo on the other side is the first team in the Super Bowl era, which in a playoff game at each of the first five Drives a touchdown achieved. And Buffalo put a sixth and seventh on top of them.
  • The bills at the end did not have a punt in this game, no Field Goal trial and no turnover. The only drive that ended without a touchdown was the final Kneel down as a final point.
  • For Belching, it was the first away game in the wildcard round in his time as NFL coach. For the Patriots it was the first playoff game without Tom Brady since the 10: 25 defeat in the wildcard round against Jaguars on January 3, 1999, at that time with Scott Zola as quarterback against Mark Brunei on the other side.

The star of the game: Josh Allen (QB, Bills)

If Josh all plays like in the last two games against the Patriots, Buffalo is really hard to beat. Allen’s athletics allows the bills to move the ball on the ground far away from a traditional Run Games — while his athletics also offers out paths for difficult situations. At the same time, his arm can serve the whole field even with double-digit minus degrees, and all these qualities were observed in the first quarter of this game — and all never took the foot from the accelerator pedal. With all on this level you have to have the bills as AFC favorite on the note, that was an outstanding performance.

The flop of the game: The New England Patriots

You might be a single manage parts here, maybe even individual players. The front, which did not get access to the Jet Sweeps or Josh Allen. The Secondary, who could not withstand one-counter-one cordage in any way. Belching, the receivers, and so on. Under the stroke: that was a total of a desolate appearance of a Patriot team, which was simply not competitive in this game.

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Analysis: Bills vs. Patriots — the tactical panel

  • A question in the run-up part of the game was whether the Patriots would significantly play more Zone Coverage to force Josh to a patient style of play and also to limit its impact as a scrambler. At the beginning of the game, this was not the Game plan of the PATS, and they were several times in Man Coverage — in which J.C. Jackson often took over the phone Riggs directly — caught: through the crosses of the bills and the first long all-scramble against Man Coverage. The Big Play of Riggs shortly before the half-time against Jackson was against cover-3, but through the structure of the coverage it was de facto one-against-one.
  • Another means were the Run Pass Options, which Buffalo is currently playing very well. With all the athletics and poverty, the potentially more dangerous and the bills can also attack vertical. Buffalo had also built all from the beginning as a designed Runner in the Game Plan.
  • Not necessarily a tactical, but a game management aspect: In the Week-16 game between these two teams, Belching had clearly recognized the situation, he was aggressive, played numerous Fourth Downs and the patriots were within easy reach. For some reason, he changed that in the playoff-duel against the bills: the Punt at Fourth Down and slightly more than a yard in one’s own half marked the start, the bills were not stopping on the way to the third touchdown.

The further Game Plan and the whole offensive approach did not suggest that an aggressive behavior was provided at Fourth Down. If everyone plays like this lot, the bills are difficult to hit. But the Patriots, from the drops of the receivers about individual punishments to overarching Game Plan, also gave himself a chance to make the game closely.
As if Buffalo did not have enough weapons, Isaiah McKenzie has also set as a veritable Role Player in this offense over the last few weeks. He gives the bills an option for jet sweeps, screens and generally designed short pass play — and can then take Big Plays with his speed.

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