Corona Falls at Viktoria Berlin: Braunschweig

The Victoria is intended to intervene in the spot game events against Braunschweig on Sunday. But after several corona cases in the sky blue, the transfer of the game continues to be uncertain.

Seven players had to go into domestic isolation after positive PCR tests. We stand with the DFB, the health department and the doctors in close exchange. We hope that there are no further positive cases in the coming days, says Managing Director Peer Jacket. Since Tuesday, the team has not trained together.

Our preparation for the game is catastrophic

The Braunschweig Dating said coach Benedetto Pizzicato: Our preparation for the game is catastrophic. At the moment we have no 16 usable professionals. As soon as less than 16 players are available, an association can apply for the game settlement at the DFB.

For this reason, for this reason, the game PSV Wicket was canceled against Viktoria Cologne for this reason because it has caught too many actors with the Saxony.

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