Legend of Ymir – New call Legend on the Unreal Engine engine. 5. It looks beautiful!

XXX 2 — The Following Level is an American activity motion picture from 2005 with Ice Cube in the lead duty. Turned under the direction of Lee Maori, that has already realized the James Bond flick Pass away on one more day, it is the continuation of XXX — Triple X. 2017 was with XXX: the return of the Xander Cage published one more component of the series.

Next-Gen, Next-Gen, Next-Gen, Next-Gen, Next-Gen Next-Gen Next-Gen Next-Gen Next-Gen Next-Gen Next-Gen Next-Gen NEXT-GEN, NEXT-GEN…


Okay, no jokes. It is much too early to call Legend of Ymir production next generation.

Yes, Ymir looks beautiful and in terms of graphics indeed can designate some trends on the market. However, the most important thing is that the gameplay (playability) stands at a high level. Graphics and Unreal Engine 5 engine are not the most important thing, right?

Legend of Ymir is a new multiplatform call Legend game from Remade — the same company that created MIR4, and earlier a whole line of Legend of Mir.

However, Ymir will not be another part of this family. This is called Re imaginary series, where instead of an Asian universe we will receive a full-fledged fantasy with an admixture of Nordic mythology.

The release date remains unknown.

Below you will see the first fragments from Legend of Ymir (watch from 4:17). On the example of a female character (it looks like a live).

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