Your New Year: Playing these games again

What games did it deserve to be played through again next year? On Facebook you will surprisingly agree with certain Games. We summarize in which worlds would like to immerse yourself in 2022.

There are a variety of reasons why we play games several times. Sometimes the second passage gives new perspectives on the action and it can be found in details or allusions that have been pushed for the first time.

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Maybe you have become more mature, has changed through personal events and developed another view of topics, who would like to go to the bottom again in certain games — to encounter this time even an alternative end.

Then, in turn, there are the perfectionists who want to use a renewed pass to optimize using their prior knowledge of every detail and get a hundred percent out of the game.

The jump on a new hardware generation offers the best occasion to explore well-known worlds again with a sharper eye. And then there are games that cause such beautiful feelings and memories that they feel like a way home.

Whatever your reasons — you have made you very specific games for 2022, which you want to experience again from the beginning to back. Which ones are, you will learn in the following picture section.

We wish you regardless of your New Year’s expertise, a lively start into a healthy and cheerful new year full of familiar, but also new impressions and insights.

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