NBA Christmas Games Kemba Walker mit Triple

At the prelude of the Christmas Games, the New York Knicks of Corona badly beaten Atlanta Hawks. At the 101: 87 success, next to Emma Walker convinced the much criticized Julius Randle and Evan Fournier.

New York Knicks (15-18) — Atlanta Hawks (15-17) 101: 87 (Box score)

Randle had already stopped shortly after the break a double-double in the box score, after 48 minutes there were 25 points and 12 rebounds at 6 turned threes. In addition to the Forward, Emma Walker (10, 10 rebounds, 12 assists) was the most striking knick, which after his 44 points against Washington two days ago, this time a triple-double. This feat of him previously succeeded twice in his career, most recently in April 2014 in services of Charlotte Hornets. It was only the tenth Christmas Triple Double. The others put Oscar Robertson (4x), John Alice, Billy Cunningham, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Raymond Green.

It was great, Walker said after the game. These are the moments you dream of. It’s hard for me to put in words. And his teammates also treated Walker, who was not even a few days ago in the rotation of the knicks, for the Point Guard. I’m glad he can just be himself, said Randle. New York was almost the complete game over hot, in the end the Knickerbockers had sunk 20 threesomes. In addition to Randle also Rookie Quentin Grimes (15) sank five attempts, also had Evan Fournier (15) a few good minutes in which the Frenchman hit everything. Center Mitchell Robinson Blocked 5 throws and locked the zone.

Atlanta, which had to do without numerous players, among other franchise star Trade Young, found no solutions against the ring protection of the knicks and met 45 percent of the experiments in the zone. For a long time, Hawks even had a better quota from downtown than from the two-sector. The top scorers of the guests were John Collins (20, 8 Boards) and Demon Wright (20, 4/5 threesome), while Bogdan Bogdanović (8, 2/12) as already hit in Philadelphia.

New York started really strong, the first seven throws fell, five of them from the distance. The much criticized Randle was despite two fouls in rhythm, thereto attacked Walker the basket. Fast, the projection was 16 meters before the Hawks slowly found through some transformed triples and a rare five-point game of Bogdanović.

Kemba Walker's HISTORIC Knicks Christmas Day Triple-Double
Knicks win thanks to good shooting

The projection of the Knicks melted temporarily to -4 together, but Obi Topping and later Fournier put personal runs and generated so enough openness for the knicks. With a 10-point leadership it was in the break. But the Hawks remained in the quickest distance, as they met weakly from the field, but always caught hot phases from the distance.

A 14: 4 course of the hosts, in which Rookie Quentin Grimes sank two of his five threesome, but New York brought the highest leadership of the evening (18). Atlanta’s Guard-Defense was just too weak, so walker, Alec Burks or R.j. Barrett’s gaps again and again. Already at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the matter was running, the fans of the knicks feverished only the Walker Triple Double, which also completed this center of the section.

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By victory, the kinks are only a victory behind course ten, which take the Toronto Raptors through the defeat of the Hawks. The Canadians have completed no game due to numerous Coronals for almost one week.

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