Soul Walker User Loading 70 Reduction Law

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Last March, GTA’s online users have suggested how to reduce the loading time up to 70% through program code improvement. For this reason, Rock Star Games gave the user to $10,000 a prize for $10,000, and applied the improvement. Similar work happened in domestic online game Soul Walker.

On the 23rd, the Soul Walker user posted the article Soul Walker Loading slows down / loading time on the community site. According to him, Soul Walker is very long enough to take a few minutes to load a few minutes. Loading has been running back in spite of a lot of work, not the long loading, not to work.

Therefore, the user has analyzed that the game has been accessed by any file in loading, and does not read the data file in a certain part at a time, and the blocking phenomenon that the entire main thread is waiting for 36 million times This concluded that the loading time was long.

He said the number of times the code was improved by applying the code, reduced the number of times the file was reduced by 92.7%, and the loading time decreased by 70% and the previous one minute was 10 to 10 invitations. He then put the code to the GitHub, which is the source sharing site, but the source code change is not recommended because it is a violation of the Terms of Use.

For the article, Soul Walker users showed an issue. Even if it has been a long loading, the reaction has been undergoing a long loading, and the reaction of the development of the developer was followed by the decrease in the disability of the developer.

Ryan Games, then developed, said on the 24th, through the Never Official Lounge. By announcement, we have confirmed the contents of the loading improvement on the community and identify whether they are applicable. For more information, see the program implementation for a quick market, and I also said that I was given the appreciation of the user who reported an issue that I could not understand in the development team.

Multi load cell based Hopper Weighing System- WSI

Ryan Games will apologize for the next consideration that the guidance is delayed as long as it needs to be confirmed for the issue that can be modified and additional issues. I would like to grasp the chance as soon as possible.

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