The 10 most disappointing video games of 2021

With many of us still in COVID-19 mode, video games in 2021 have again provided a necessary emotional outlet. This year, we had very good titles on all platforms, but let’s be honest, we also had big disappointments. To be clear, they were games that were not always bad — in fact, many of them were strong enough. It was more than they were just not as fantastic as we were hoping. They may have done well, but they have not been at the height of the enthusiasm and the media threshing we felt for them before the exit. So come with us on Cog connected while we take a look at the most disappointing video games of 2021.

Aliens is one of the most popular pop culture franchises, and we had great hopes for Aliens: Fire team Elite. And to be right, it’s not a terrible game — Our critic Mark Staffer said he had a fun cooperative gameplay and respected the traditions and the tone of the franchise. But still, it looked like a disappointment because of flagrant problems. First, the repetitive and boring level design has killed any replay value, and the addition of punitive roguelike elements did not help them much. In addition, the totally incompetent companions of the game have made solo a frustrating task, forcing you almost to play on casual if you wanted to survive at the end of the game. Brief, Aliens: Fire team Elite was… Okay. But we waited so much more of a game with a pedigree as impressive and rented.

The WORST and Most Disappointing Games of 2021

In 2019, Back 4 Blood was announced and immediately made us anticipate his exit. It was original creators of LEFT 4 Dead, and who does not like Left 4 Dead? And at his exit this year, it was not bad, but it was not so great as we had dreamed. It was not only due to the usual launch bugs (which there were many); It was also a host of other technical problems that made the game Back 4 Blood less exciting. Whether it’s the so-called unnecessary solo campaign, unbalanced difficulty modes or broken enemy generation system, it is a game that has had so many problems that even the fans of the genus Zombie among us have been left perplexed.. While Turtle Rock Studios developers have worked hard to repair the game, Back 4 Blood was just not the right time we expected.

Long developing and delayed by COVID-19, Amazon’s New World has really eager to dive into his huge MMO Sandbox experience. But when it was launched this year, he disappointed us for a number of reasons. Our own review gave the set of decent notes, but lamented its lack of originality and the fact that the end of the game seemed to have been deliberately designed to be a slow grip. And of course, there have also been fundamental problems that continue to torment the game — we have often had trouble joining overloaded servers and the economy has dropped due to duplication exploits of objects and gold. It is clear that we are not alone — while there are still many enjoying new world players, the hordes of enthusiastic fans have declined and its daily number of players has declined considerably since launch.

The episode of this year of the so-called taped shooter has failed to impress ourselves, although it is a solid game in many ways. Call of Duty: Vanguard simply did not add much novelty to the series, and it seemed dull. Back to his roots of the Second World War, Vanguard may have played things a bit too safe and the solo campaign seemed painted by numbers, with flat characters and few reasons to worry about it. The multiplayer mode also suffered from frustrating spawning bugs that put you in delicate and confusing situations. Then there is very important zombie mode, which seems to have little love on the part of the developers, whether at launch or in post-launch updates. Put all this together, and the right content of Call of Duty: Vanguard simply did not advance the series as we hoped this year.

In July, we were excited about INAMI’s announcement that they rename pro Evolution Soccer in Football and made it free. But right away, we started to worry when a first demo of performance test seemed less than stellar. And when we were able to see the full version in October, we were shocked — and we are not just talking about the horrible visual bugs that have become viral son the Internet, distorted faces of players and stirring body movements. It was also the mechanics of the game: the passes were horrible, and the shot was imprecise, killing the realism that had made PES a football simulation greater than the series of EA. In addition, the derisory number of teams gave Football the impression of being another demo, which makes us wonder why INAMI even decided to get out the game in such unfinished state. This is a promising video game that has been massively sub-broadcast this year.

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