A leak in Pokemon reveals Galarian forms soon available

If you look forward to the arrival of the new Pokémon Malaria Gen 8 in Pokémon Go, a new update file for the game can have good news for you. The data minors examined Pokémon GO IS 0.159.0 APK, which contains the next version of the game, as well as evidence of increasing the contents of Team Rocket. They also discovered the expected Pokemon of the Gala region.

This leak comes from Pokémon Go Hub, which searched the APK to find details on the Pokémon Go Update and said this is the most exciting APK in a long time. Their research has found new objects, movements and quests as well as news about Malaria forms.

The first sign that Malaria forms could arrive again Pokémon Go soon, Pokédex has been updated to view these new variants. The new code allows players to view Gala forms in the Pokédex in the same way as for Albanian Forms from generation 7. This configuration could mean that Ni antic expects players to start catching these Pokemon and have So needed to see them in the Pokédex very soon.. The game search filters have also been updated to enable Malaria Pokémon.

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With regard to the specific Galleria forms appearing in the game, the APK also gave us an overview of the type of Pokemon that was probably heading towards the Gala region. Specifically, Malaria forms for Lincoln, Weeping and Zigzag appeared in the update files. We do not know yet when exactly these Pokemon will begin to appear in the game, but they are clearly en route soon.

Apart from Malaria Forms, the biggest news of APK is Team Rocket content changes. Many new Rocket team characters appear in APK files, as well as a new potential arena for Rocket Bats. Several additions also suggest a confrontation with Giovanni. There are files so that the radar of the rocket tracks, and a badge to conquer it is added.

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